A Fenton Township man is behind bars (without bond) after accusations of sexual abuse were brought to authorities. Michael Sackrider, 53, is accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend's daughter from age 11 to age 16. The unidentified victim is now 19-years-old.

The horror came to light after the victims teen sister was overheard at school talking about things Sackrider did in front of her. That information led to finding out what her older sister had been through all of those years. I am sure most of you are wondering about the mother of the girls. Reports indicate she had no idea this was going on.

My heart breaks for these girls. Better late than never when it comes to getting this creep off the streets. If you are being abused, or know someone who is - SPEAK UP! It is not your fault. Sackrider is facing six counts of criminal sexual conduct and could be locked up for 20 years.

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