Heathman Hotel

If you are one of the 19 million women who have read the Fifty Shades books, you know that Anastasia and Christian had some pretty memorable moments at the Heathman Hotel. Now, the luxury hotel is offering the general public the opportunity to make  some memories as well. Hit read more for details.



Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele had their first encounter in the Sunburst Suite of the Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Because of the crazy success of the Fifty Shades books the Heathman has  become a very popular tourist attraction. Hoping to capitalize on this unexpected popularity, the Portland, Oregon landmark has designed some Fifty Shades themed packages for Christian and Anastasia hopefuls.

The Heathman offers an add on package called the 'Charlie Tango (Charlie Tango is the name of Christian's helicopter) No Limits'. Guests enjoy wine and appetizers in the hotel restaurant, a helicopter tour of Portland, roses for the lady, limo transfers, and dinner back at the Heathman. This package isn't cheap. $2,750 plus your overnight stay is what you should plan on spending. If that package price is a little steep, consider the 'Inner Goddess' which includes chilled white wine and a grey tie. The price for this package runs $40, plus the cost of an overnight stay.

What do you think of all the hype caused by the Fifty Shades books? A little much, or hey... at least we're reading!