A 57-year-old man from Maryland was the first-ever to successfully receive a heart from a genetically modified pig! The man, David Bennet Sr. was suffering from heart disease and had limited options, and with the success of this new procedure, the door is now open for patients everywhere waiting for an organ transplant!

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Things are starting to get a bit creepy with the whole science thing. I never thought I would be alive to see scientists grow vital human organs inside genetically modified animals. From what I've researched these pigs are modified to be more compatible with a human organ transplant. I would imagine if you ripped a normal pig's heart out Kano Style and put it in a person, all types of bad stuff would happen.  Especially since it's a pig. I mean, how often are you told that pork is bad for you? It doesn't look that bad to me!

Not only is this an amazing procedure and a huge step for medicine, but it's the only excuse I needed to eat bacon every day! So all the fitness/ health experts saying pork is bad for you can officially suck it! How is pork bad for you sir? This man wouldn't be alive if he didn't receive that succulent pig heart. Oh man, I wonder what they did with the rest of the pig? Can you eat it? Would that count as cannibalism since it's a modified pig? These are questions I need to know!  And I'm not about to end there, oh no. If you can grow a heart, then you should be able to grow a liver right? According to Bro science, I feel like I'm correct, which means we all can drink as much as we want! This opens the door for so much reckless indulgence, I love it!

Would you be up for a pig transplant if you needed it? I would, all jokes aside, modern-day medicine is pretty amazing!

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