Vodka isn't just for cocktails. Raid the liquor cabinet and check out these five practical uses for that Smirnoff!



Use vodka to cut through the glue and paper that is a label or price tag on glassware or picture frames. Douse a sponge or paper towel with the liquor,  apply it to what you want removed, wait a minute or so, and it will peel right off!

Try vodka as a shower cleaner. Use it to cut through and clean the mold that often vegetates in this humid environment. Put some in a spray bottle and spritz down the shower curtain and the surface for a clean shower everyday.

Vodka may also be used as a flower preservative. Add a few drops to the vase every time you change the water, and your flowers will stay fresher longer.

Use vodka to shine all things chrome. Moisten a soft cloth with vodka and apply. This works for glass and porcelain as well.

You may also use vodka as a room deodorizer. Mix a 1/1 ratio of water and vodka, and put it in a spray bottle and spritz as needed. No, your room won't smell like a busy bar!

I've used vodka to get through housework before, but now I know that vodka can actually clean things for me!

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