Not everyone goes to Florida during Spring Break. If you are still in town, and looking for some fun and not so expensive activities for your kid(s), look no further than the Flint Children's Museum.

The recently renovated museum offers up some creative hands-on learning activities. There are some new rooms to learn about gravity, force, and motion. How cool with your kid(s) think it was to make something float in the air? That is what I am talking about!

New to the museum is also a robot named 'Mister Meccanoid'. According to ABC 12 - he likes to dance. Duh - I am sure he loves to do 'the robot'. There is also a new room made out of all recycled materials. How cool is that? I think all of the above sounds cool for kids and adults. I am totally going to look into taking my niece and nephew. For more information on the Flint Children's Museum, check out their website here.

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