In case you have not heard, coloring is not just for kids. More than ever, people of all ages are coloring for various reasons. There are even coloring books specifically designed for adults. Coloring can reduce stress and anxiety. Don't believe me? Color one of these awesome pieces, and see for yourself.

My super talented artist friend Mackenzie Marie, got together with other local artists to create 'Flint Colors Together, Flint Stays Together'. Each artist created a piece for you, your kids, and anyone you are quarantined with to color. This really is a cool thing to do with your whole family.

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Stress levels and anxiety are at an all time high right now, I know for sure I could use a distraction from all things coronavirus. It is important to stay up to date, but it is also important to take some time for you. I am going to print out a pic to color. I see a box of crayons, and a box of wine in my future.

Thank you Mackenzie, and all of the artists involved - Pauly Everett, Amanda Edwards, Janice McCoy, Dylan Grady, Alysia Mentula, Nick Welch, Meghan Barriger, MacD, Matt LaRocque, Marissa D'itri, Ashley Breiler, Erin Maclay, and Kenn VanHouzen.

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