And the makeover is pandemic-friendly, too.

Jessica Reed is a kindergarten teacher at Northridge Academy in Flint. According to MLive, before the coronavirus outbreak hit, she'd had a makeover planned for her kindergarten classroom. And she'd planned it with Schoolgirl Style, a local company dedicated to decorating classrooms.

Schoolgirl Style was started by Flint native Melanie Ralbusky. She attended the University of Michigan-Flint and taught in Genesee County schools for two decades before starting Schoolgirl Style.

According to its website, "Ralbusky holds a degree in Elementary Education, a Masters in the Art of Teaching, and an Education Specialist degree in School Administration. Having taught elementary school for nearly two decades, and herself a passionate mother of three, Ralbusky applies her firsthand experience, educational expertise, and empathy for children to every aspect of her dynamic brand."

Interestingly enough, Reed and Ralbusky actually knew each other - Ralbusky taught Reed's younger sister.

She's decorated classrooms all over the country but said that she wanted to come back to do something "special" for her hometown.

And it's COVID-friendly - the pillows were set up for the photo but will be removed when students come back; there are no other soft surfaces and desks are spaced out. Storage spaces were also created so that each student has their own and nothing will be shared. Sanitizer stations are also available throughout the room.

Reed was in tears when she walked into her classroom, where she will be teaching from online and hopefully in person at some point this year.

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