The shortage of workers and the all jobs available in Michigan and across the country is really mind-blowing.  Just the last month or so I have been to many businesses and restaurants that are so incredibly short on staff.

For example, I was at a concert at a casino show recently, I love to play cards. I sat at a table with a nice crowd of folks playing blackjack and we could not get a cocktail to bring us a drink, coffee, water, or anything.

We finally asked for a pit boss and they were nice but said they were short-staffed.  Living in Vegas for years I know that job pays really well with tips.

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Now You Can Work For Ford

So many jobs to be had right now and here is another company hiring. Ford says it's spending $250 million in three metro Detroit plants with plans to add 450 positions for the production of the all-electric F-150 Lightning.

Pre-production of the all-electric truck is underway, and the first trucks rolled out of the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center last week.

We knew the F-150 Lightning was special, but the interest from the public has surpassed our highest expectations and changed the conversation around electric vehicles. So we are doubling down, adding jobs and investment to increase production,” Ford Executive Chair Bill Ford said in a release. “This truck and the Ford-UAW workers who are assembling it in Michigan have a chance to make history and lead the electric vehicle movement in America.

Getting back to Work In Michigan Making a Great Truck

Great news and a great company to work for in Michigan, which is so huge in the auto industry. The F-150 is a very cool truck too. Back to work kids!

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