Tablets are great and all, but one major, near-unforgivable way they’ve always fallen short is their inability to dispense beer. Finally, KegDroid — which lets you gush out brews via a Motorola Xoom — is here to fix that dreadful problem.

Ubergizmo takes a peek at this wonder device, the brainchild of inventor Paul Cariff. He’s created a prototype system that lets you swipe your badge to confirm your ID, then select your beer and size of pour. Bartenders had better hope this thing never makes it to market, otherwise they might need to start splitting tips with this thing. Or at the very least wearing sluttier tops. Image that fat bartender at your local watering hole in even sluttier attire. There aren’t beer goggles in the world thick enough to ever consider it.

Now KegDroid must learn how to float us when we’re light on cash, listen to the same, drunken stories we tell over and over again and slip us shots when the boss isn’t looking.

Take a look at KegDroid in action:

That man is our hero. Bet he never expected to hear that in his life.

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