So WTF is 'cranking'? We will get to that. Former State Representative candidate, Jordan Haskins was busted not only for breaking into a government truck, but also for performing a sexual fetish act inside of the truck called 'cranking'.

Haskins, 26, allegedly broke into the Saginaw County truck last month. Apparently he broke into the vehicle to perform cranking. Get this - he was convicted of the same crime in 2010. One report indicates cranking has something to do with ignition wires. I also found the following information on the topic from Susan Block, she explains :

"The basic kinetic movement is a masturbatory motion: the muscles releasing and contracting as the foot rubs repetitively against a phallic symbol, which is the gas pedal. Men think of themselves as cars. The 'vroom' of the engine reminds them of their own libidos being revved up by this hot woman."

Haskins is facing up to 5 years in prison.