Great news KBS lovers. Beginning in February 2020, Founders Brewing will be making KBS available to consumers year round.

On top of that news, Founders will also be debuting a new KBS with a twist. KBS currently contains coffee, but this new brew will have espresso beans added, hence the name KBS Espresso. This too will launch in February of 2020.

Both beers will be sold in 12-oz bottle four packs. Full disclosure, I am not a KBS drinker, but plenty of my friends are. I remember the frenzy during the limited time releases. I went on an hour road trip with my buddy Bill so he could buy some. I suggested just drinking tequila, but he said no.

Cheers to Founders Brewing for making this dream a reality for many KBS drinkers. You can check out a brief history of the beverage in the video below.


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