Feeding strays? You can stop the cycle of homelessness. Get unowned, outdoor free roaming cats fixed for free this March and April at All About Animals Rescue, the largest high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Michigan. Limited availability. Rabies and mandatory eartip included. Must come in a covered live trap. Find out more about TNR here.


AAAR holds monthly TNR training workshops at the Warren and Flint clinics to teach and empower you to start TNRing the cats in your area. I've attended the workshop and trapped, neutered and returned many neighborhood cats.

Once you've taken the class, you're entitled to major spay/neuter discounts for all community cats: $25 each. This discounted package includes sterilization, pain medication injection, mandatory eartip and a rabies vaccine. (Rabies vaccine for cats 12 weeks and older.) The workshop teaches best practices in management and trapping and you can gain access to the benefits of AAAR's TNR program including the discounted feral cat spay/neuter, trap loans and networking. Without the class, the normal fee is $40 for spay/neuter and $15 for the rabies vaccination.

All About Animals Rescue Warren is located at at 23451 Pinewood Street in Warren. All About Animals Rescue Flint is located at 507 W. Atheron Road in Flint.

Source: All About Animals Rescue

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