There is a perfect cocktail for every occasion. In my opinion its tequila (shocker).

If you are planning on entertaining on the Fourth of July or over the upcoming weekend, you could really wow your guests with some fun and festive themed cocktails. The drinks in the video above are not made with tequila, but they could be.

Fun red white and blue Jell-O shots are an easy and inexpensive party drink. If you make vodka Jell-O shots, they will obviously be cheaper if you make them with Popov instead of Grey Goose - it's all up to you.

The red, white and blue slush drink looks like a crowd pleaser too! Who wouldn't love cooling down with a tequila, rum or vodka spiked slush? Again, these drinks don't have to cost a fortune to make. Your guests will most likely not know if you use cheap liquor, they should be happy to have a free drink!

Happy Fourth of July to you, cheers!

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