Gene Simmons hinted at his plans for life after Kiss complete their farewell tour.

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The End of the Road journey is expected to wind up next year. Simmons and colleague Paul Stanley have both ruled out the idea of making new music, suggesting the final show of the tour will be the band’s last word to fans.

In a new interview with Full Metal Jackie on KLOS (audio below), Simmons repeated the prediction he’d made about his emotions during the closing moments of his final appearance. “I'll be crying like a 12-year-old kid whose foot you're stepping on,” he said. “On the other hand, it's going to be happy because it's the next chapter.”

He continued: “Same thing will happen to you, if you're lucky [enough] to have a mom and dad. You live under their roof and you have food and safety. At some point you've got to go out on your own and start the next chapter. So it's gonna be a different kind of a thing. It won’t be as exciting as touring and putting on more makeup and higher heels than you ever wore, but life continues.”

He asserted that Kiss had chosen the right time to bow out, saying it was “because of pride and self-respect and a love and admiration for the fans.” He added: “The last thing you want to be is to be a world-champion boxer and stay in the ring too long. It’s only a matter of time until your legs are not going to be able to hold you up, and you're going to lose.

“We’ve also seen boxers who’ve stayed in the ring too long and bands who continue touring too long. And they forget lyrics and you can see the deep wrinkles in their faces. I mean, it's just the nature of life as we know it on Earth. So we're doing the right thing.”

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