Two businesses in Genesee County have come together to make masks with a see through window.

Reserved Seating Upholstery and Jan's Professional Dry Cleaners have come together to add a little extra to masks. The "Read-My-Lips" masks have a clear plastic window on the front so others can see your mouth. They are made from four layers of a fabric called Block-It.

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These masks will be made in Genesee County and will help those that rely on lip-reading and other visual cues to help them communicate better. If you are interested in picking up one of these masks, you can purchase yours here. The Read-My-Lips masks are available for just $15 each, plus tax and shipping. They are also selling the normal standard masks as well. You can pick those up for as little as $5 per mask.

Check out the video here to see what they look like.

Having had a grandmother that was hard of hearing for as long as I can remember, lip-reading was a very important skill for her when communicating. Our entire family learned how to speak in a way that helped her read our lips. These masks will come in very handy for anyone in a situation like that.

On the flip side though, I enjoy the fact that people can't see my face when I'm wearing my mask. The ability to mouth mean things right to their face without them being able to see it is glorious. It helps relieve stress like you wouldn't believe. However, I can see a lot of great uses for these masks for Halloween.


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