When people say money does not solve your problems, I say BS. A large amount of money would definitely solve some problems for me, and I am sure for you too.

One lucky lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, just scratched her way into a $500,000 pay day by playing the Michigan Lottery scratch off game 'Full of $500's'. The woman bought the winning ticket at the Speedway gas station on Miller Road in Flint Township.

According to reports, the 52-year-old was so shocked when she won, that she sat in her car and cried at the gas station for 45 minutes. I get that. That is not something you want to shout out to a parking lot full of strangers. The woman plans to pay off some bills and save the rest.

The most I ever have won on a scratch off ticket was $200. I was thrilled with that. I can't imagine winning $500,000. Think of all the tequila I could buy. Just kidding, or am I?

What would you do with $500,000?

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