This week in 1975, George Harrison’s final album under his contract with Apple Records and EMI was released. George later described ‘Extra Texture (Read All About It)’ as “a grubby album, in a way. The production left a lot to be desired, as did my performance. I was in a real down place. Some songs I like, but in retrospect I wasn’t very happy about it.” George was bummed out at the time by a poorly reviewed North American tour with Ravi Shankar, a lawsuit over ‘My Sweet Lord’ and the end of his marriage to Pattie Boyd. ‘This Guitar (Can’t Keep from Crying)’ seems to sum up the vibe of the album. Even salvageable songs like ‘Tired of Midnight Blue’ and ‘You’ were described by George as “You know those nights you go out and wish you hadn’t? It’s one of those.”

Apple Records

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