Here's something you're not going to see in the 'Game of Thrones' books nor in episodes of the HBO series based on author George R.R. Martin's beloved series: computer technology. Here's something you're not going to see in George R.R. Martin's office: computer technology.

Turns out, the author uses an extremely old DOS word processor to pen his massive novels, and while that may sound a little outdated, he has a good reason -- the machine isn't connected to the internet, so he doesn't need to worry about computer viruses eating his work.

The author took to 'Conan' last night to share his little secret. Although host Conan O'Brien and his guests looked a little confused by the information at first, we think they're going to come around on it.

Martin also used his 'Conan' appearance to sound off on more than just his questionable technological choices -- he addressed the question of just how bloodthirsty the HBO series' showrunners actually are. Answer: just like, a lot more bloodthirsty than Martin.

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