That's right, if you are a fan of Shark Week, you could get paid for watching your favorite shows.

The Discovery Channel has set the return of Shark Week to start on August 9th of this year and you could get paid $1,000 to watch it. A company called USDirect will be hiring a seasonal employee to sit back and watch Shark Week. This employee will end up make $1,000 just for watching TV.

  • Tweet and share their favorite Shark Week fact of the day using the hashtag #SharkWeekDreamJawb
  • Rank each program from best to worst in the following categories:
    • Most entertaining
    • Most informative
    • Most fearsome (scariest)
    • and Most surprising

The job will include a full seven days of work. How you watch Shark Week is up to you though. USDirect says that you can watch Shark Week in bed, in-between meetings, or at the dinner table. As long as you watch every second of Shark Week 2020 the $1,000 paycheck is yours. 

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  • You must love sharks enough to watch and celebrate them for a whole week.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must be willing to document your Shark Week marathon on social media.

If this sounds like your dream job or you just want to make an extra $1,000 for watching a week's worth of TV, click here to sign up. Shark Week has become a huge part of the world over the last few years. I'm pretty sure your social media numbers will skyrocket if you are the one picked for this job.

Personally, I've never really understood the sheer excitement my friends have for Shark Week. Don't get me wrong, I love sharks as much as the next guy. Jaws was one of my favorite movies growing up, but my friends treat this week as a national holiday. They even buy shark-themed clothes to wear all week. Sometimes I even feel left out. One thing I know for sure is that I normally don't hear from them for that entire week. If that's how you are as well, your Christmas is coming up August 9th.

Source: USDirect 

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