As promised, here is your daily St. Patrick's Day drink idea. The Shamrocked Shot is super easy to make and there are only three ingredients. The fact that it looks as if it might taste like a Shamrock Shake makes it even more appealing.

All you need is Irish whiskey (I recommend Jameson), Midori and Irish cream - like Bailey's and boom - you are well on your way to getting shammered! You are sure to get the St. Patrick's Day party started with this shot. There is no way I am making corn beef and cabbage - but I would certainly mix up a batch of these green delights! I'll be speaking Irish in no time at all. The bartender in the video below recommends serving at 9:00 a.m. - who am I to disagree?

Do you want more St. Patrick's Day drink ideas? Check out this Watermelon Keg filled with green beer (or tequila) and find out how to make an Irish Fishbowl here. Cheers!

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