In the trailer for ‘Beware of Mr. Baker,’ Ginger Baker, the former drummer of Cream and Blind Faith is declared to be many things. Some desirable. Others? Not so much. The skins smasher is declared mad. He is described as looking like the devil. It is said that he is what the drums are all about. He is christened a lovable rogue and the world’s greatest drummer. How’s that for polarizing? He is certainly a lot of different things to a lot of people.

While fellow musicians like Eric Clapton and Johnny Rotten praise him, with Rotten labeling Baker “a man who stands for something in life that probably most of you do not. Love and appreciate now matter how awkward this character may appear to you.” What an intro, huh? You’d think that Baker was paying Rotten to be so complimentary. Or perhaps the Sex Pistols singer was afraid of being cracked in the face by Baker.

Yes, the kit minder proceeds to hit someone in the nose, rendering them bloody. He’s also clearly someone you don’t want to mess with. It’s probably best to duck and run for cover. There’s plenty of archival footage of Baker pounding the skins, too.

All in all, this trailer certainly arouses interest in who this mad, lovable rogue and best drummer in the world really and truly is. The film screens at SxSW in Austin starting on March 10.

Watch Ginger Baker in the ‘Beware of Mr. Baker’ Trailer

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