I have done many stupid things in my life. Shocker.

When  I was a teenager my friends and I would jump from our houses to sneak out at night. We would crawl out of a window, climb onto the roof, and jump from a two story house. It is a miracle we all can still walk, let alone are alive.

That being said, I have never attempted to go down a laundry chute. Who does that? The girl in the video above is who. Watch as a girl attempts to rescue her sister from the chute. I have to wonder if this did indeed happen by mistake, or was it planned? Could this mean everything on the internet is not real? Gasp!

I wish someone would have filmed me jumping from roofs all those years. That was the real deal baby. We would toss our beer, then toss ourselves. We had no choice but to jump once we threw the beer down.

What did you do as a teen that makes you think twice now? Did you jump off of a roof or get stuck in a laundry chute?

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