Now we are getting somewhere!  I haven't even thought twice about getting a 3D TV because of all the extras that go with it.

Now that we may be able to get 3D fun without the glasses...I'm back on board!

Toshiba will begin selling large-screen glasses-free 3D television sets in fiscal 2011 and plans to start marketing the groundbreaking devices beyond its home turf of Japan, executives said on Tuesday.
I personally can't wait.  I haven't bought a new TV in a long time because I've been waiting for the right one...the search may be over my friends!

The company will be showing off prototypes of 56-inch and 65-inch glasses-free 3D TVs at CES and will probably launch two models, one over 40 inches and another over 50 inches, a Toshiba spokesman said.

"These will not only be for the Japanese market, but also America, Europe and China," Murasawa said. He gave no details on launch dates or prices for the new products.

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