It's a par 3 course in Washington designed by a man who has planned courses in Northern Michigan. Are we next to turn it up to 11 on the scorecard?

David McLay Kidd is a golf course designer who is always brings his "A" game. While most golfers can't keep it in the fairway at 26 years old, McLay Kidd had already designed his first course. He got Forbes' attention for installing audio speakers throughout the 14-hole par 3 course in Eastern Washington. Gamble Sands is the name of the facility, and the short course is called "Quicksands."

The sound idea came from Disney theme parks, where you hear music everywhere you go, emanating from usually unseen speakers. You can see how it is even more important on a golf course to have the speakers remain unobtrusive, so as not to interfere with play. Forbes reports there are "dozens of in-ground speakers costing between $600 and $700 apiece that will be leveled and equally spaced throughout the 25-acre course." The wiring is underground, much like the course's sprinkler system.

They’re designed a certain way so you’re never far away from one. Whatever is playing, you have a pretty standard volume throughout. If you’ve got the Eagles playing in the background, you could sing along with it through the entire track and never miss a beat.

-David McLay Kidd to Forbes

The play on a short par 3 is designed to quicker and maybe a little more fun than a regulation-sized course, One has just opened at Forest Dunes Golf Club in Roscommon. Maybe they will pick up on this design and we can retire the "quiet, please" signs you see at golf tournaments. If you're ready to party like Al Czervik on the golf course, you'll love this.

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