Consider yourself warned, I don't have a heart - and even I balled like a baby watching this commercial.

Google is really playing with our emotions in this Super Bowl commercial. I am so glad I watched this before it airs during the game. I would hate to break down in tears on Sunday at Scott Drzewicki's house. Scott was the winner of our Big Game Home Invasion contest. I always assume winners need a mop after we leave, just never for tears.

I swear, even thinking about this commercial makes me cry. WTF? Am I a real boy now? Although it is a tear-jerker, it also filled with a lot of love. I am going to grab a tissue, and watch it again. Anyone else need a hug? Scratch that - how about a cocktail?

At this point I don't care who wins the game, I just want to tell Google all of the things I want to remember. Aghhhhhhh, here come the tears - again.

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