Just one year after Woodstock, 200,000 people and the likes of Bob Seger, Jethro Tull, Rod Stewart, Ten Years After, Chicago, The Stooges, Joe Walsh and Mitch Ryder came together at Goose Lake just east of Jackson from August 7-9 in 1970 for 3 days of peace and music at the Goose Lake International Music Festival.
The following posts are from The '60's & Early '70's Detroit Rock Scene Facebook Page.
"Good morning campers! 48 years ago today, August 7, 1970, the Goose Lake International Pop Festival began. . .Day 1. Those that came the day/night before camped in tents, slept in cars, vans, trucks, in sleeping bags, on the ground.  .  .wherever. . .or they just partied all night long. . .haha. Whatever they did. . .everyone was moving very, very slowly as the sun came up the first morning! In July 1970 I attended the Atlanta Pop Festival and shot many rolls of black & white and color film. Three weeks later when it was time to go to Goose Lake I was very short on money, and misplaced a couple rolls of film before I shot them. I have a total of 20 photos I took at Goose Lake...that's all. The guy pictured in this photo I shot probably doesn't realize he just cracked open a warm beer for breakfast."
"Friday August 7th, 1970 kicked off the Goose Lake International Festival outside of Jackson Michigan. There were several bands that performed during Friday afternoon's festival opening. They included the Mighty Quick, SRC, NY Rock & Roll Ensemble and the John Drake Shakedown. The evenings festivities began with John Sebastian performing just before dusk".
Source: Facebook

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