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Yesterday, Gov. Whitmer signed a number of bills that that would essentially erase some crimes for people convicted of marijuana crimes. This is something that's long overdue in my opinion.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, once signed into law, Michigan will automatically expunge criminal records and ease the application process for those convicted of marijuana offenses the sweeping "clean slate" bills.

It was a big day yesterday as Gov. Whitmer signed six bills that will reform the state's criminal justice system.

The bill would allow someone to set aside one or more marijuana offenses if the offense would not have been a crime if committed after December 6, 2018, when recreational marijuana became legal in the state of Michigan. That is so huge for so many Michiganders that have some sort of a record because of a marijuana offense.

Governor Whitmer:

This is a historic day in Michigan. These bipartisan bills are a game-changer for people who are seeking opportunities for employment, housing, and more, and they will help ensure a clean slate for hundreds of thousands of Michiganders. This is also an opportunity to grow our workforce and expand access to job training and education for so many people. I am proud to sign these bills today alongside Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist and many of the bipartisan leaders who worked on them.

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