Umm, guys, could we chill out on lighting these lanterns now?

You've seen these lanterns floating in the sky around this time of year. You might have even found some down in your yard after the Fourth of July festivities, like I did. The Grand Blanc Fire Department found a partially burnt sky lantern tangled in their bushes at one of their fire stations recently and took to Facebook to issue these precautions:

While sky lanterns can be beautiful, they pose a significant fire hazard if not used correctly. If citizens chose to use sky lanterns, we strongly suggest the following safety tips are followed.

• Always have a way to extinguish the lantern in the event of an emergency.
• Do not use sky lanterns when prevailing winds are greater than 5 miles an hour.
• Always follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.
• Do not use near homes, barns, or areas of trees that the sky lantern may become tangled in.
• Do not use torn or damaged lanterns.

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