More COVID-19 vaccine winners have been announced and the $1 million prize is going to a woman from right here in our own backyard.

Congrats to LaTonda Anderson, a 51-year-old woman from Grand Blanc. Anderson was the big winner in the MI Shot To Win sweepstakes. She won $1 million which she plans to use to pay off her daughter's student debt and will donate some to charity as well.

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 LaTonda Anderson had this to say during a virtual press conference:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just awesome, awesome awesome, and honestly, I’m still in a state of shock, you know? You just don’t imagine that you’re going to win a sweepstakes.

They also announced smaller prize winners today as well. This week's winners of the $50,000 prizes were Jenna Basaj of Sterling Heights and Paul Bareno of Rockford.

According to MLive, the MI Shot To Win Sweepstakes is paying out a total of $5 million in prizes. Aside from today's $1 million winner, the funds will be awarded to a $2 million winner, 30 $50,000 winners, and nine scholarship winners.

I don't know if a vaccine lottery and the chance to win big money as Latonda Anderson won is incentive enough for Michiganders to get the vaccine but hopefully, it will encourage at least some people. You would think not getting sick and dying would be enough incentive but obviously that's not the case.

Congrats again to Latonda, so awesome that someone from right here in Genesee County won.

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