Those familiar with Marvel Comics, AND who live in the Midwest, might have gotten a bit of adrenaline pumped into them during a recent episode of the MCU's "She-Hulk" series.

One of the characters who appeared just happens to be the eventual leader of the Great Lakes Avengers, despite his maybe... questionable antics on the show. So does this mean that the Midwest's Mightiest Heroes might appear in the MCU at some point?

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To the non-Comic fans, YES, there is such a thing as the "Great Lakes Avengers." After the success of "The Avengers," Marvel created the "West Coast Avengers." Then, there was a sudden realization that the Midwest was without their own protection. So, the "Great Lakes Avengers" were born.

Originally based out of Milwaukee, Wis., they eventually relocated to an abandoned factory that Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) had in Detroit. It was there that they had some of their biggest adventures.

They first appeared in the West Coast Avengers Issue #46, created by John Byrne, released in 1989, and have undergone a number of name changes, including:

  • Lightning Rods
  • Great Lakes X-Men
  • Great Lakes Defenders
  • Great Lakes Champions
  • and the Great Lakes Initiative

But it all started with one man, placing a personal ad in a local newspaper to form the group, that collected the likes of Big Bertha, Dinah Soar, Doorman, and Flatman.

That "one man" was none other than Craig Hollis, aka "Mr. Immortal."

Now, in the "She-Hulk" episode "Just Jen," Mr. Immortal is a bit more... how shall I put this... "devious" in his endeavors. In fact, Jen (She-Hulk) never meets him. He's looking for defense from Jen's law firm to get out of a marriage... actually, multiple marriages. He uses his power of immortality to "die" and then moves on to his next relationship.

In the comics, however, he's at least a little more straight-laced... and a bit younger than the character portrayed in the show by David Pasquesi.

In the comics, Mr. Immortal, and the rest of the Great Lakes Avengers are taken under the wing of original Avenger, "Hawkeye," who recently quit the Avengers. He turns the "rag-tag" and inexperienced group of superheroes into a real team before his (spoiler alert) eventual death.
(Don't worry, Clint Barton is still alive and well in the MCU. You're job is safe Jeremy Renner.)

Now, most of the Great Lakes Avengers names might not be familiar to even regular readers of Marvel Comics, but there are some notable members through the team's existence, including Squirrel Girl (who was rumored to appear in an MCU project played by actress Milana Vayntrub), and likely the most recognizable name of them all... Deadpool.
(Actually, I'm pretty sure Deadpool has been a member of EVERY incarnation of the Avengers at some point.)


Other recruits and false members include Monkey Joe, Grasshopper, and Tippy-Toe.

Also, one non-hero. Mr. Immortal's initial personal ad in the paper attracted the attention of a sexual deviant known only as "Leather Boy," who completely misunderstood the ad, and ends up becoming one of the group's arch nemeses.

So yes, there is an actual "Great Lakes Avengers: The Midwest's Mightiest Heroes" (Yes, that's actually their tagline), and the way the MCU is shaping up, who knows... we might see the likes of them on screen at some point... just... maybe leave out Leather Boy.

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