I'm lucky that where I live there are plenty of lakes, streams and rivers to fish and really anywhere you live in Michigan there is a place nearby to fish while practicing social distancing.

I stopped by the bait shop the other day to put in for my bear permit and got the word that the blue gills are starting to make those beds.

Then, just yesterday, my buddy texted me photos of him, his brother and nephew just slaying the gills and even a couple nice perch.

I have my son with me this weekend and we plan on getting out on the water and doing the same.

We always stay close to home and when we go out or into places we always wear our masks and even gloves and always do our best to stay at least six feet from others.

Now, when our little row boat gets off the shore, off with those masks and gloves and on to some fishing.

Memorial Day weekend we did get out one of the days on Little White Fish Lake in Pierson and we caught a bunch of gills but only one keeper that we reluctantly released before we headed home.

Fishing for bluegills, sunfish, perch and crappie are pretty easy and you don't need any high tech gear or fancy boats to do it.

If you are fishing from a boat, just be mindful of others coming and going to continue to social distance. The same for if you are fishing off shore or on a dock.

Its okay to move your spot if you feel uncomfortable if others are too close. If you do come upon a spot and others are already there, do the right thing and find another place to fish in order to protect others and yourself at the same time.

Just because the stay at home order has been lifted and it's warm outside, doesn't mean the COVID-19 virus is gone. Be safe in making your decisions.

The nice thing about bluegill fishing is it's cheap and if you get some good ones, they are some of the best for eating.

All you need is a simple rod and reel set up, some small hooks, you could use a bobber or not, either way works, and have at it.

You will get plenty of fresh air and you may even catch a nice meal. The best part is, if you fish with a son, daughter, brother, sister, parent or friend, the conversations you will have will be priceless and perhaps create memories that will last a lifetime.

Now get out and go fishing! I'll be out this weekend too.

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