The Electrical Safety Foundation International, or ESFi, has released some good safety tips to remember when getting costumes and decorations ready for Halloween. A lot of this is common sense, but it doesn't hurt for you and the kids to take a quick safety refresher course.

Most costumes are flammable, so avoid costumes with trailing, or billowing fabric, and if you're making your own, use fire-resistant materials. Keep dried flowers, hay, cornstalks and paper are extremely flammable, so keep them away from heat sources, like an open flame, or even a light bulb. Don't block fire escapes or other exits with decorations or displays.

Don't use electrical products for outdoor displays that are marked "indoor use only". You could get shocked, or even killed! Also, be sure to inspect and discard each electrical lights and decoration with cracks, and bare or frayed wires. Only use electronics that have been certified safe by a nationally recognized testing laboratory, like UL, ETL, or CSA.

Use a flashlight or battery operated candles to light jack-o-lanterns. If you must use a real candle, use extreme caution.






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