December 17th in 1949 Paul Bernard Rodgers was born in Middlesbrough, England. When he was a kid his dad bought him a guitar that would plant the seed for Paul to become a rock star and a career that continues about six decades later. In 1968 he became part of the band Free that would have in 1970 a #1 hit song with "All Right Now" that helped them achieve international success. The band would last until 1973 and would break up after selling over 20 million albums with Paul then forming the group Bad Company. After his days with Bad Company he would team up with Jimmy Page for the short lived band "The Firm." He also performed live with Queen on tour and reunited Bad Company in 2010 for a concert tour.

Rolling Stone magazine a few years ago ranked Paul who's nickname is "The Voice" as one of the greatest singers of all time.


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