People are going to love this or hate this - there is no in between. You are a pickle person or you are not. I like pickles, and this is booze so I am in.

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What started as an April Fool's joke - is now becoming a reality. This summer, Hard Pickle Seltzer will be on select shelves. I say select because only 10,000 12-packs to be made available. That is a bit of pickle don't you think?

The pickle flavored beverage was crafted by Brumate and Crook and Marker. Like I said, the drink was just a joke, until it wasn't. The response was so overwhelming , the companies decided to make it a reality. As you can imagine, these limited 12 packs will not last long. You can join a VIP email list to get updates on the exact date the seltzers will be available. I am sure there will be plenty of people that buy them, just to resell them for big money.

I guess I am glad I just enjoy plain old tequila. There does not seem to be any danger of a tequila shortage that I am aware of. If you like pickles so much, you can always chase your shot of choice with a pickle back.

I would be down to try one of these, but I am not standing in a line to get a 12-pack. If I get lucky and and stumble upon a box, I'll buy it. If not, no big - because tequila.

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