Do you believe in heaven? What do you think heaven looks like? Is it a warm light, or a warm embrace from a loved one that has already passed away? Most of us have an idea, but not really a lot of proof that a place like heaven exists. We just take it on faith. Until now. A neurosurgeon says that he can prove that such a place exists.

In an article in this week's 'Newsweek' magazine, Dr. Eben Alexander, an academic neurosurgeon who teaches at Harvard and other universities shares his heavenly story. Dr. Alexander always believed that there was a biological reason for a person's near death experience. He considered himself a faithful Christian, but was to scientific to really believe in an afterlife.

Then one morning he woke up to an intense headache, and doctors discovered that his neocortex was infected with a rare form of meningitis. Within hours his chances of survival became almost non existent and he slipped into a coma that lasted for seven days. While Dr. Alexander was in that coma, his brain-free consciousness "saw a place of clouds. Big puffy pink-white ones." He also claims that he traveled on the wings of a butterfly with a young woman with "high cheekbones," "deep blue eyes"  and "golden brown tresses" who told him he was safe, loved, and could do no wrong. Dr. Alexander took months to come to terms with his experience, and really feels that he cannot rely on science to explain it.

Do you believe in heaven? What does it look like to you?