You can do a lot of things in Hell, and the tiny town in Michigan did a unique thing yesterday (4/24). They elected a cat to serve as mayor of the city for a day.

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Jinx, a black cat with more than 735,000 followers on TikTok and about 400,000 followers on Instagram, got to be the mayor of Hell for the entire day. Hell is located about 15 miles south of Howell in Livingston County.

Anyone Can be Mayor of Hell, Michigan

Hell makes it a regular practice to give people (and in this case a feline) to be mayor for a day. Each mayor is officially impeached at the end of the day.

Anyone who becomes mayor will receive a mayoral proclamation certificate, a Hell souvenir mug, and an official certificate of impeachment.

The cost to have a mayoral experience in Hell costs $100.

Reverend Vonn is the official minister of Hell. She tells USA today that Jinx has the honor of serving as Hell's first pet mayor.

“We love our in-person and distant mayors,” said Reverend Vonn. "We're so excited, It's our first animal."

Vonn had the job of swearing Jinx in as mayor over the phone on Sunday. She's says Jinx's tenure as mayor has prompted other pet owners in Michigan to inquire about their furry friends serving as the mayor.

“I've gotten a lot of mayor inquiries, and somebody actually sent an inquiry saying ‘That won’t do. My dog is jealous,’” Vonn said. “They want their dog to be mayor in a month or so.”



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