Since my daughter just turned seven, I won't have to deal with this for many years. But parents with teenage daughters have been going through this cycle since time began. It's a life-changing, sometimes painful subject, and like it or not, Aunt Flo will make her appearance sooner or later... no strings attached.

Some girls get the Red Badge of Courage before others and feel excluded from the Cherry Slushie Club and will do anything to be a part of it, even if it involves lying. Just because teens often want to go with the flow, that's no excuse to pad the truth. I don't want to string this along, so let get it started.

A company called HelloFlo has a fantastic new campaign for girls making the transition to womanhood, and it's also got some great parenting tips. In fact, this ad is so well done, I wouldn't be surprised if it put the company in the red.

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