You know me by now;  spending way too much time scrolling through Zillow listings when I know dang well that I ain't buying a new house. However, this one I just came across is a real winner, and you've got to see it for yourself.

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Zillow Gone Wild has done it again: it's shown me another gorgeous home that I will never own. But that doesn't mean a girl can't dream. And with its gorgeous mid-century design and architecture, this house is an absolute treasure.

Allow me to show you the Arthur Beckwith House.

Historic Arthur Beckwith House For Sale in Farmington, Michigan

The Arthur Beckwith House is such an exemplary model of mid-century homes that it was made into a historic landmark in 2002.

courtesy of Lanie Hardy KW Domain, Leslie Hardy KW Domain
courtesy of Lanie Hardy KW Domain, Leslie Hardy KW Domain

What you'll probably notice right off the bat is that most of the sides of the home are made of clear glass windows. Can you say, natural light?

It has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a spacious kitchen, and multiple living areas, including one with a fireplace. All for the low, low price of $899,000. Oh, and did I mention there's a pool?

courtesy of Lanie Hardy KW Domain, Leslie Hardy KW Domain
courtesy of Lanie Hardy KW Domain, Leslie Hardy KW Domain

If you've got the money, and don't mind spending a ton on window cleaning supplies, this gorgeous home could be yours. All 3,000 square feet of it.

While this home is absolutely stunning, there is a glaringly obvious drawback...a slight issue with a lack of privacy. Yes, it's pretty well surrounded by woods, and the bedrooms have curtains, but still. Maybe someone's at the door and you don't want to answer, how the heck are you supposed to hide? And there's just something slightly foreboding about it...someone in the comment section of the Zillow Gone Wild Instagram post said it best, "Looks like the setting for Scream 17." This basically means it looks like the perfect spot for a horror movie murder spree. But to each their own. Take a look through the pics below to decide for yourself whether it's creepy or charming.

This Historic, Mid-Century Glass House is For Sale in Michigan

This house isn't just historic, it's iconic. Just don't go throwing any stones. Welcome to 31765 Franklin Fairway street in Farmington, better known as the Arthur Beckwith House. If you love mid-century architecture and design and don't mind cleaning a million windows, this home could be for you. Also, you may want to buy stock in glass cleaner. Check out this gorgeous home in the photos below.

Historical School House in St. Johns Turned into Gorgeous Home For Sale

There is an old, historic school house in St. Johns, Michigan that has been totally transformed into a gorgeous home for sale. There was a lot of hard work put into this house; the ceiling was stripped back to its original tin; the maple hardwood floors restored to their original glory; completely custom-built kitchen cabinets, and more. Check out this completely renovated school turned home for yourself.

Walk Through the Historic Hicks Mansion in St. Johns

Old homes have so much character, and this mansion in St. Johns, Michigan definitely proves it. The Hicks Mansion in St. Johns was built back in the 1870s, and for the last eight years has been owned by one couple. Now, they've sold the mansion to a new couple who intend to bring her back to her former glory and possibly have it added to some Historic Registries. Take a look inside this historic mansion in the gallery below.

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