Hooters, the restaurant best known for bodacious waitresses who flaunt their womanly assets, is undergoing a makeover that includes a new menu, updated decor and an attempt to attract patrons who normally wouldn’t be caught dead in the “breastaurant” — women.

Given the recession and (ahem) stiff competition from the likes of Twin Peaks and the Tilted Kilt, Hooters is on the decline. Last year, revenue dropped by more than $100 million, and the number of outlets declined from 400 to 365. Over the past few years, in fact, Hooters has only shown growth in markets outside the U.S.

As a result, the restaurant is planning to retool its menu and offer salads, burgers and a larger line of chicken wings. In addition, they’ll update the restaurants — some of which haven’t been renovated since the 80′s — at a rate of about 25 locations per year. They’ve also hired ‘Eastbound and Down’ writer/director Jody Hill to film new TV spots.

Hooters hopes these changes will attract younger customers as well as females. If the company has its way, women will soon join legions of shamefaced men who claim they just go there for the wings.

Please, we beg, let the waitresses keep the wigwam socks.


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