I cannot be the only one being bombarded with political texts. In the time it took for me to walk out of the studio and get water, I had two new texts when I returned. It literally took me less than a minute to get the water and go back into the studio. WTF?

I should preface I will be voting in the 2020 election. I know who I am voting for. No text is going to change my mind. I am guessing there are a lot of people that feel the same way, maybe even you?

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With that said, I did Google how to stop these unwanted political texts and it seems like a pain in the ass. Especially because there is no option in these texts to respond with the word 'STOP'. I did try it anyways, but it has not worked as of  yet. So what did I find out? I found out you can issue a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). I did. You can too, click here if interested.

Another question is how did they get my number? From what I read, if you are a registered voter - they have got your number. Even as a proud voter, I am annoyed - so why do they do it knowing that is most likely the case? Here is what I found out according to an article on Lifewire,

Texting is easy, cheap, and effective for campaigners. Politicians know they're giving their audiences information right from the source, unfettered by the confusing voices of social media and political pundits. With direct texts, campaigners steer the narrative for potential voters, raise funds, mobilize support, and offer polling location information.

At this rate, I feel like there is no escaping these texts. I may as well get used to them. Ugh. Is it November yet?

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