A coworker of mine asked if he could get some footage of me in the studio for a video he is working on. Over the weekend, he sent me just the clip of what he recorded. Watching the :36 seconds of footage it was obvious to me that I love what I do!

Well you know what they say, if you love what you do you're never really working. Sure radio isn't the most lucrative industry, especially here in Flint. But I would much rather be happy at work and comfortable here in my hometown than be miserable at work and making bank in a big city.

Not only to I get to be creative and entertaining, radio provides a certain theater of the mind that you can't find in other forms of media. Years ago, I had listeners convinced that I was harassing Tiger Woods when he was in town for the Buick Open, yet the whole thing was staged!

Do you do what you love? If not, what would your dream job be?

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