As winter approaches, snowmobilers are really getting the itch to get up north to hit the trails. Most riders will haul their snowmobiles on an enclosed trailer, open trailer or sometimes even in the bed of a pickup truck. Never in my life have I witnessed what recently happened in Wisconsin.

Police pulled over a couple of ding dongs that strapped a freaking snowmobile to the roof of their car. I have no idea how in the hell they got it up there but they did. I'm assuming they had some help because I can't imagine a snowmobile is lightweight. I wouldn't know, I can't say I've ever tried to lift one onto the roof of a car.

Gotta give those guys a little credit for at least trying.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation:

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME: Our friends at the Wisconsin State Patrol stopped this vehicle Sunday on US 63 in Polk County because this isn’t a safe way to transport a snowmobile. If you’re transporting equipment this winter, you are advised to safely haul it secured on a trailer or in a truck.

I think my favorite part of this story is what the driver said to the Star Tribune:

I know it looks sketchy, but we had it strapped down and shook it. Up like in this kind of region, stuff like this gets seen all the time, but more like the back roads.

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Source: Star Tribune

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