What would you suggest to help revitalize downtown Lapeer? A recent survey solicited idea's from people in the community, and discovered what they thought were the opportunities to grow the downtown area back to it's former success and appeal. Here are some of the like, dislikes, and ideas that the survey presented.The historic courthouse and the Farmers Market were the most common response when asked about the strengths of the downtown area.Also getting favorable mentions were Gallery 194, the Pix Theater, restaurants, and historic buildings.

Weaknesses identified in the survey were vacant storefronts, lack of interesting stores, high rent, and lack of support.

Ideas coming from the survey encouraged a microbrewery, meat market, and a children' play center. Other ideas involved developing the riverfront for more outdoor activities.

What would you do to help downtown Lapeer grow? Share your ideas with the Downtown Business Association or the Downtown Development Authority.

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