It appears Hugh Grant was close to filling in for the missing man on "Two and a Half Men." reports the British actor was in final

negotiations to replace Charlie Sheen on the CBS show before he ended talks Tuesday over creative differences.  Sources say Grant was on track to take in more than one-million dollars per episode.  Executive producer and co-creator Chuck Lorre will reportedly continue the search for a new lead, but insiders say it has to be the "right actor" that he can "get excited" about.  After a very public feud with Sheen earlier this year, Lorre reportedly wants someone he'll be able to work with successfully.

Before Grant, there had been rumors about several other replacements, including Woody Harrelson, John Stamos and Jeremy Piven.  Nothing, however, has been confirmed and insiders still aren't sure if "Two and a Half Men" will be up and running in time for this fall's TV schedule.