If you drink tequila or are thinking about drinking tequila for the first time, you need to watch this video PSA.

You may or may not know, I am a big fan of tequila. As a matter of fact a Banana 101.5 listener, Artie Stanton dropped off a bottle for me at the radio station yesterday. It was not my birthday, it was not a holiday - he did it just because I love tequila.  A few weeks ago I went to get my nails done by a new nail tech. Let me preface, I had never met her - she gave me a bottle of tequila.

Don't get it twisted - as much as I love tequila I know it can eff me up. It can make a great time even greater or ruin it all together. Trust me - I know. Oh, brother, do I know.

My tequila twin, Bill Tadrick sent me the video below today. I know you can't believe everything you see and read on the internet, but trust me this video is 100% TRUE! It will certainly not stop me or Bill from drinking tequila (it probably should), but it may scare you straight. Straight to the store to buy some tequila! Boom!

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