We Apple iPhone, iPad, iWatch people get Apple updates all the time, but this one, issued by Apple Monday, seems very legit and very urgent!

In an article published on News.Yahoo.com, Apple advised all users to update their devices after researchers warned that the Israeli spyware company NSO Group had developed a way to take control over nearly any Apple computer, watch or iPhone.

Yikes! Okay, this is terrifying!

The article says the malicious software takes control of an Apple device by first sending a message through iMessage, the company’s default messaging app, and then hacking through a flaw in how Apple processes images. It is what’s known in the cybersecurity industry as a “zero-click” exploit — a particularly dangerous and pernicious flaw that doesn’t require a victim clicking a link or downloading a file to take over.

The other scary part is that if and when you are infected, you won't even know it.

So, what do you do? Get your device now, go to Settings, tap General and tap software update, then update NOW!

As is often the case with NSO Group hacking, the newly discovered exploit is both technologically remarkable but likely only used on people specifically targeted by governments who use the company’s software.

NSO Group creates surveillance and hacking software that it leases to governments to spy on individuals’ computers and smartphones. For years, it has insisted that its primary product, Pegasus, is a vital tool to stop terrorists and other criminals, and that it merely leases its technology to legitimate governments in accordance with their own laws. It has insisted it can’t be used to target Americans’ phones, and that it revokes usage from countries that misuse its products.

Right! And I have land in Siberia I'd like to sell you!


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