Does Iron Maiden have plans to release a new studio record next year? It seems that many signs are pointing towards "yes."

In an in-depth interview on, Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson discusses his pre-fame life as well as other topics of discussion. Most excitingly, a Google translation of the interview concludes with this: "In addition to upcoming tour plans, the band to record a new album which, if all goes as planned, is scheduled for release in 2014."

If Iron Maiden does have a new record planned, it would be the group's sixteenth studio album. Many had feared that their last record, 'The Final Frontier' would be their final record. This was due to a statement reportedly made by Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris who said they would make 15 records and then pull the plug. Thankfully, Harris later went on the record stating the group's position on that matter had changed.

Dickinson spends a good part of the interview discussing how he became the vocalist for Iron Maiden. Down on his luck and living out of a suitcase, Dickinson says he was down to his last few dollars (well, pounds) when he made a prophetic decision on how he would spend his remaining money:

“How do I ‘invest’ my £10? Maybe take the subway, buy food, or maybe I should save the money? After thinking for a long while, I noticed I had ended up in front of a rock club, which is still there, called Dingwalls," Dickinson says. "I thought, ‘If I still go to sleep on a park bench I might as well go in and have a few beers. So I took my £10, paid admission to the show – and ran right into an old friend that I had been playing in a band with... After living with him for a week, I ran into a couple of other buddies. It floated on like that until I started singing in Iron Maiden. What seemed to be an almost insignificant decision turned out, in retrospect, to be a real milestone.”

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