Why have one great classic rock tune from your favorite bands, when you can have two? Beginning on Black Friday, November 27th - we are kicking off a 'Second Helpings Weekend'.

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Every hour will be filled with double doses of music from the classic rock artists we all know and love. It's like our Twofer Tuesday's, but even better - these 'Second Helpings' last all weekend long. You can even listen on your smart speaker, just tell Alexa to play US 103 1 (U-S -One-Oh-Three-One) and she will. What a time to be alive.

Our 'Second Helpings Weekend' is presented by our friends at LiquidBidding.com, an online auction. Trust me, whatever you are looking for - you can find it there. From tools to flooring and everything in between, Liquid Bidding has it all and at a great price. Keep them in mind as you begin your holiday shopping.

Be sure to message me, Maggie Meadows, and Brian Harper through the US 103 app. Let us know that you are listening, and tell us what 'Second Helpings' you would like to hear. You can count on 'Second Helpings' from the biggest names in classic rock - Bob Seger, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Eddie Money, Bon Jovi and so many more. This weekend is going to rule!

As always, we appreciate you and thank you for being part of the US 103 family. Happy Thanksgiving.

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