It's hard enough to watch yourself get older, but it can be downright painful to watch your kids grow up. Today my youngest turns six, and as I saw him get on the bus this morning and I realized how quickly the years have flown by! When we celebrated yesterday, and he wanted to have a piece of cake smeared all over his face, he was still five. Today the little lad is six. Wait, can I still call him 'little lad'?

Believe me, I don't miss changing diapers even a little bit. But it hit me that not only are Kindergarten and sippy cups a thing of the past, time is running short for other things. When will bedtime stories, and footie pajamas not be cool anymore? My almost-ten-year-old will tell you that time is now!

Needless to say, today will be bittersweet. As we celebrate the gift my wife and I were blessed with six years ago today, I also realized that we're no longer eligible for certain perks. Goodbye to kids five and under eat free, get in free, etc.!

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