What we have here is a one of a kind event that's called 'Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling' that takes place in Gloucestershire, England. This century's old contest is wild and crazy, the event involves a large group of people chasing or should we say tumbling after a 8-pound wheel of Double Gloucester Cheese rolling down a steep hill. The goal of the game is to catch the cheese which is basically impossible to do. So the winner is the first person to reach the cheese and cross the finish line.

This years winner Chris Anderson from Gloucester is a champion cheese chaser and with this years victory has won his 21st cheese.

How did this competition come to be? According to radseason.com, the event evolved from a requirement for maintaining grazing rights on the common; others believe it was originally a pagan fertility rite set up to encourage the fruits of harvest.

Here's some of this years action.

Urban Pictures UK via YouTube

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